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Shoes for Youth

photoIn December of 2012 Arnold Cox of ADC Prevention Services & Associates visited a new location in the Dominican Republic to hold basketball camp. ADC plans to adopt this new  location, fully renovate it and maintain it each year.

In addition to seeing the need for a newly cared for site, Arnold noticed that most of the youth playing basketball did not have footwear.

It is ADC’s belief that “no kid on planet earth should have to play basketball without a pair of sneakers.” It has become the quest of ADC to rectify this problem. Arnold collected shoe sizes and plans to provide them all with good sneakers during his return trip in May.

Please consider how you could have an active part in this endeavor. If you would like to donate sneakers or provide money to purchase new sneakers for these poverty stricken youth, please send contributions to:

ADC Prevention

PO Box 4871

Springfield, MA  01101