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PEEK OUTDOORS is an outdoor adventure and educational program provided through ADC Prevention Services and Associates; serving at-risk youth and their families. We seek to immerse youth in experiences and hands-on learning that can only be found in an outdoor setting.

There is great value in taking young people out of their current environments and providing opportunities for them to try new activities while
integrating an educational component that will stick with them for life. Using experiential learning methods we help young people learn and apply team work, outdoor skills and exploration of nature leading to personal growth and education.

Fewer and fewer young people and their families are spending time outdoors. This is particularly true of young people living in urban environments. Whether it is the enticement of video games or T.V. or legitimate safety concerns and/or the lack of accessible parks in their neighborhood children are not spendng enough quality time outside.

Recent studies have shown that children spend up  to 6 hours a day in front of a television or computer screen but less than four minutes outside in unstructured play. This reality has been termed “nature deficit disorder.”  It has been linked to negative psychological and physical effects including obesity, loneliness, depression, attention problems and greater social isolation. However, studies have shown that increased outdoor time improves cognitive functioning, reduced symptoms of attention deficit disorder, increased self-discipline and emotional well-being.

The staff at PEEK OUTDOORS would like the opportunity to share their love of the outdoors and nature with urban, at-risk children ages 6 through young adults, and their families. We offer trips to various locations throughout the Pioneer Valley and greater New England at very
affordable rates.

Peaceful ponds, flowing rivers and beautiful vistas are found in abundance throughout Western Massachusetts and New England. PEEK OUTDOORS looks for great destinations that are off the beaten path, providing  outdoor adventure without the crowds. Some of the adventures and activities that PEEK OUTDOORS can provide:

• Day hikes (explore new areas, see new vistas, wade in meandering brooks)
• Canoe trips (explore a river or a distant lake for the day or just a couple of hours)
• Night hikes (see and hear the outdoors in a whole new way)
• Outdoor skills (fire starting, building a shelter, reading a map and compass, etc.)
• Animal tracts and habitats (learn about animals found throughout our region)
• Family outings (activities to include parents and children. Helping to build unity and family memories)
• Group games, initiatives, and team building activities

Lunch and/or snacks can be provided for all our programs for an additional fee.

(PEEK OUTDOORS is always looking to add programs and activities. We may be able to provide activities beyond what is listed)

Call us today to discuss how we can serve your youth!   413.796.1330

Kevin Williams, Director of PEEK Outdoors

Kevin Williams, Director of PEEK Outdoors

Kevin Williams, Director of PEEK OUTDOORS, is a graduate of Cairn University with a degree in Camp Administration.

Kevin has over 30 years experience working with youth ages 6-18 in outdoor settings.

Kevin is passionate about giving children, teens and adults new experiences and using the outdoors as a tool for learning.

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