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GRIT Program

Young men need an effective way to access self – improvement conversations, healthy male role models, and supportive environments which foster change, personal growth and success.

                                                          WHAT IS HAVING GRIT MEAN?

                      To have GRIT means you have courage and shows the strength of character

Grit Men’s Group helps to create opportunities for this through our:

  • Steps to fixing young men within and gaining self- confidence.
  • How to develop inner strength to remain focused during times of chaos.
  • Improving relationships
  • My hero, my mentor, my role model.
  • How to build a strong personal foundation.
  • Learn how to mindfully engage in self-care and self-compassion
  • Improving coping skills and decreasing and avoiding poor decision making
  • Learn new was of relating to others, coping with life stressors, expressing your fears
  • Receive support, positive encouragement and feedback

This program is designed to assist male trainees with achieving successful completion of all aspects of the Job Corps program.