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Truancy Habits Reduced Increasing Valuable Education

T.H.R.I.V.E is a community based program with comprehensive wrap around services. We address three main components – Academics, Vocational/Transitional development and Social/Emotional development.

Our three components provide intensive services designed to prevent a child’s removal from home, increases school attendance and strengthens families. We work together with the community, schools, and courts to provide intensive supervision and therapy to support academic and vocational skills and support education for parents/guardians. Extensive case management/outreach are a rich part of our program and hellp us to identify students’ needs and facilitate the integrations of all services.



T.H.R.I.V.E. offers the following components:

ACADEMIC: Raising literacy levels through specifically tailored education

VOCATIONAL/TRANSITIONAL: Increasing youth employability and stregthening the future workforce.

CLINICAL: Empowering youth with the skills necessary to develop healthy relationships and ability to access necessary services.

TRACKING: Getting out of school youth back in the door. Collaborate with community agencies, law enforcement, treatment programs and schools and develop effective youth engagement through outreach to all appropriate youth.