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After School Programs

dugganADC Prevention works closely with the Springfield Housing Authority. The mission of the SHA is to promote adequate and affordable housing, economic opportunity, and a suitable living environment free from discrimination. They strive to design, implement and support educational and vocational programs with the goal of reducing the long-term reliance of residents on public assistance programs. ADC Prevention helps them to reach this goal by providing the after school and summer programs at 4 of their sites: Riverview, Moxon, Pine-James, and Duggan.


The goals of the after-school program are to provide high quality services that are centered on academic achievement – (skill building), behavioral modification – (focus on social skills) and learning new avocation activities. Staff will focus on impressing upon our youth that doing well in school is a necessity if they want to succeed in college and the work force. Staff will stress social skills; develop and introduce strategies that involve behavior modification. Academic progress and behavior modification are key components of this program.



  • Youth will take responsibility for learning, while acquiring positive academic self concept.
  • To increase the number of coping skills used by each youth.
  • To establish and maintain personal relationships.
  • To increase instances of involvement and initiative demonstrated by each youth.
  • To reduce the number of inappropriate expressions of emotion or behaviors that impacts their ability to achieve academically and socially.
  • To increase the number of instances of resources and people that youth identify as a part of their support network and/or the number of times that a student initiates contact with a resource or person when needed.


The program will encompass the following components:

  • MCAS Tutoring
  • Parental Involvement
  • Tutors and Mentoring Component that includes periodic home visits
  • Recreation/Avocation Activities that focus on youth learning new skills
  • Social Skills Development through individual and small group counseling sessions
  • Focus on Behavioral Modification through workshops on Conflict Resolution, Communication Skills, Alternatives to Gangs and Gang Related Behaviors, Learning respect for others and improving listening skills, Anger Management, Bully Prevention Program, Martial Arts Program, Golf Lessons, The Perfect College (College Tour Program)