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Dominican Republic

Basketball in the Dominican Republic

ADC Prevention Services & Associates, under the direction of Arnold D. Cox, along with members of the Boston Fire Department established this basketball program to reach out to the youth from the Dominican Republic living in extreme poverty.Our very first program was conducted in May of 2008 with a basket affixed to a tree. Since then, the city of Sasoua has built a full-sized basketball court in the middle of this tropical, poverty stricken neighborhood.The goal of our program is to provide these youth firsthand experience of being enrolled in a basketball program that teaches fundamentals, team play, interactions with experienced basketball players and coaches and most importantly involvemnent with those who really care. Components of the program consists of team basketball tournaments where all youth receive t-shirts, and individual and team trophies are awarded to the camp champions. The settings for the basketball camps are tropical, hot and full of competitive action. These camps are fully sponsored by funds directly from ADC Prevention Services & Associates.

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Park in D. R. to be cleaned up and maintained and named after ADC

 ADC is currently communicating with corporate and political sponsors from the Dominican Republic. In December 2012 Arnold Cox made a trip to the D.R. and found a new location to run programs at. AC plans to adopt this park, clean it up, paint the courts and maintain it annually. The park will be named after ADC! During his visit AC noticed that the majority of the kids playing ball at this park did not have shoes. It is ADC’s belief that “no kids on planet earth should have to play basketball without a pair of sneakers.” While in the D.R.  Arnold got the shoe size of each of the kids and has made it a goal to return in May and provide each of them with  a pair of sneakers!


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If you are interested in sponsoring these programs or would like to contribute to  getting sneakers for the youth in the Dominican Republic please contact us at 413.769.1330.





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