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National Training


This training highlights effective mental health groups in Job Corps.

After the presentation, participants will be able to:

  1. Increase awareness of group dynamics and group therapy strategies in groups for socially shy and/or socially challenged Job Corps students
  2. Develop skill set for running socially oriented groups
  3. Collect curriculum ideas for development of “Chill and Chat” groups
  4. Describe group activities to promote growth , resilience, integrity, and tenacity (GRIT)
  5. Explain the importance of engaging in self-care and compassion, persisting after setbacks, avoiding destructive anger/distinguishing between aggression and healthy expressions of anger, addressing and combatting toxic masculinity, and successful completion of the program
  6. Teach students the importance of goal setting, building self-confidence, passion, determination and integrity through team building activities and events, problem solving skills, public speaking, positive self-expression and financial literacy
  7. Identify a viable skills group to implement on your center
  8. Describe the components of the MINORS skills building curriculum
  9. Take away ideas for developing and implementing a skills-building group with the intention to retain and support young adult trainees.