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Mental Health Consulting

 ADC Prevention Services & Associates provides a comprehensive , intergrated continuum of quality of care for youth and young adults who are struggling with life issues, not only in substance abuse, but mental health ifficulties as well. Our focus is on ensuring that the assigned counselor and residential advisors are providing counselling services for adolescents/ young adults in ordedr to hel them overcome barriers that may prevent them from achieving their goals. ADC provides mental health trainings for human service professionals both locally and nationally.  Our experienced mental health professionals have been involved with at risk youth at the following agencies:
  • River Valley Academy, Holyoke MA
  • Springfield Housing Authority, Springfield MA
  • Springfield Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs, Springifeld MA
  • Chelsea Upward Bound Program
  • Choice thru Education” Program, Chelsea MA
  • Department of Youth Services, Westfield MA
  • North Star Charter School, Springfield MA
  • Springifeld Public Schools, Springfield MA
  • Lynn Public Housing Authority, Lynn MA
  • Chelsea Human Services Collaborative, Chelsea MA
  • Westover Job Corps, Westover MA
  • Joliet Job Corps, Joliet IL
  • New North Citizens Council, Springfield MA